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Here I would like to catalogue and give my thoughts and also share music i listen to !!!! possibly a bit of reviews, etc. I will also be including some of my playlists!!! Hope you find something you like!!!

I will be first showing some of my playlists, then getting into some artists/albums I love, probably with ones I like the most being talked about first :)

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Take One!

Pity Sex

active 2011-2016 THEN GOT BACK TOGETHER 2022 SCORE

formed 2011 in Ann Arbor michigan. Indie pop/ Shoegaze, tumblrcore ed pastelgoth type beat. I kid, but like those were the reasons I got legit bullied for listening to this band. Like okay yes, I did discover them because of tumblr. You had to fucking be there tho, and they are legit a good group. Britty Drake is so awesome and cute, soft yet punchy vocals. I love a good vocal duo too, theres like the other guy in the band (i never remember mens' names.) and when they do duets it fucks. I'll add some of my favorite tracks by them- probably my favorite being Dogwalk, like everyone else. Its just a great example of both of their vocal range and harmonization, plus the guitar in it is superb. I was validated by my friend Lucy (will be mentioned frequently as this is the music section and she knows the good shit) as she loves Britty Drake/ pity sex, and turned me onto another band that they collaborated with (Adventures) but that will have to be a separate post.


Foxx Bodies is a 4-piece riot grrl/punk band from L.A. They released their first record through Kill Rock Stars in 2016. I almost saw them live during SxSW 2021 FOR FREE but I had seen like 3 other bands that day and was tapped out. I love their stage presence from what I have seen from other recordings. The lead singer, Bella, talks about her traumatic experiences through song and while performing in a leotard will writhe around on the stage floor. It's extremely liberating, paired with her speaking about CSA. Her voice in some songs really does remind me of a yelping fox. Their first album is self-titled. Their most recent album is from 2021, titled 'Vixen', and is also full of bangers. Definite TW- she sings very bluntly about her experience having been groomed by her teacher, taking him to court, her battle with ED. Its really intense and vulnerable, all things I love to see being processed through song. Below is a playlist of my favorite videos of theirs.

I Hate Sex: Weird Dream Concious Stream

2015-2018 , 4 piece screamo band from edmonton, femme fronted . my friend lucy introduced me to them


here i'm going to talk some about one of my recent fave indie/shoegaze bands out of L.A. Dream synthy, airy vocals delivered by the gorgeous lead vocalist. They really spun out their own sound though very beach house inspired IMO. I think they're just real creative folks, during the pandemic they released a couple episodes of a TV show they made and edited themselves. They interview other artists, have them perform a song, all to cool unique visuals. My favorite music video by them is 'Angry', for the obvious reasons of its an ANGEL DOG on a bike . Pure love. I've attached one of my favorite songs along with that music video.


active: 1998-2011

post-punk outsider noise "Grunge" band from Brazil, started solo by Rodrigo Guedes of Killing Chainsaw. His songwriting is inspired some by jeff mangum, which is part of why i think i noticed it and liked it so much. Really tough finding info on them but what videos they have on Youtube totally rock! First album "A Childs Introduction to Square Dancing" is him learning at-home production. In "...is An Out Of Body Experience" we see the first appearance of one of my favorite tracks 'Razor Blades'. Later album "Shortwave Younglove Kingdom" is more experimental and is one of my favorites all the way through... I included it below. Most popular tracks off the album are probably 'vampire' and 'bastard'.

the most information ive found on them is this artical from Midsummer Madness, it has to be translated from Portugese

awakebutstillinbed: what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way other people see you

Have i seen them live: √yes, portland at the holocene.

This is their debut album, it changed how I wanted to make music.

Shannon's voice feels impossible, to sing so light and lovely and in the same breath howling screaming. I've also attatched below one of my favorite videos of her, its solo guitar for the first half, and I think its just a great example of her voice.



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